Crafting For A Living

For more than a decade I have supported not only myself but also four other humans off of my crafts. I made a choice long ago to work for myself and have been actively pursuing my goal ever since. My craft was once a hobby and out of necessity turned into an income source. Over the years I have learned not only how to craft a variety of products but also what it takes to market, merchandise, display, and ultimately sell those goods. As you may know Lucky Find Market is not my main business, I have a several successful Etsy shops which keeps me busy. Lucky Find Market is a work of love and passion so that others may learn the way and have a place in space and time to hone the art of selling crafts for a living. I love crafting. I love small business. I am here to help others find the same fulfillment that I have on my journey. It all starts small. So very small. But then it grows into something wonderful. I can’t wait to see what Lucky Find Market grows into and all the other businesses it helps blossom along the way.